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With the OpenAula Grade Book you can monitor activity completions and analyze results through reports and metrics.

Why OpenAula?

The Past

OpenAula has evolved through the founders’ more than 30 years of experience developing Education Technology solutions for Schools, Organizations and Companies, both small and large on a global level.  It is through working directly, hands on, with teachers, trainers and students that we have learned what tools and functionalities are required in order to best meet the learners needs.  In implementing a number of legacy Learning Management Systems we have as well experienced firsthand the frustration with the large investment of time that is required in order to learn how to implement and use these systems – time that busy teachers simply do not have.  We felt there must be a better and simpler way to do this.

So, we decided to do something about it!


The Present

The result is OpenAula, a modern Teaching & Learning Platform which is above all easy to use with an intuitive user interface designed BY teachers FOR teachers.  This system, which allows teachers to start creating courses on day one, is now being made available as a fully hosted and fully supported cloud application, which can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.

This means that any Teacher anywhere can have access to his/her very own personal Learning Management system, which of course can be implemented for entire Educational Institutions, Organizations or Companies at a fraction of the cost of a legacy system.  With OpenAula being fully hosted and fully complimented with Tutorials and Guides, is of course also much simpler to maintain and support.

The Future

With our OpenAula Teaching & Learning Platforms now available, next is the release of the Aula Marketplace.  This will be a central site for all teachers, instructors and course designers to search and find ready-to-use courses and content and of course to upload and share your own courses and content to a global audience, either for free or for a fee – you decide!

BUT, that is not all.  Next up is integrating Generative AI, with the idea of providing you with the latest AI tools in a Content Development “Wizard”, which will let you develop and/or update entire courses or content modules with just a few simple steps and inputs.  Creating class or individual learning plans is time-consuming and difficult. Generative models can ease that burden by creating a variety of educational materials targeting different learning styles. By automating this process, you the teacher can spend more time focusing on and learning about student needs and less time on the monotonous, administrative side of things. Stay tuned in!


– Teachers, Students and Parents are what OpenAula has been designed for –

Specifically to provide an affordable and easy to access teaching and learning platform with the tools necessary to be able to learn and collaborate in real time, on any device, anywhere, anytime!


OpenAula provides teachers with an easy access to their own LMS Platform where they can create courses and manage their students learning process


The platform provides free and easy access to the students learning materials across any devices and allows for collaboration with teachers and fellow students


As we all know, parents are doing anything they have to, to help their children get a great education and so it seems only fair they should be able to be part of this platform as well

 – With even more benefits for Educational Institutions and Districts –

Providing a framework for integration of the tools your school needs to create and manage the latest and greatest learning resources. Weather these are among the many already built into the platform or integrated Google, Microsoft, Zoom or any other value added resources, OpenAula has it covered.


Integrate the platform in the Digital Classroom, or in any regular classroom using video beams, for a truly effective blended learning approach.


Develop Competency Frameworks and Learning Plans for all students and across all topics. Maximize student engagement with a full set of resource and activity types.


Implement and manage a uniform education approach throughout all your schools and measure the results in real time using Learning Analytics and Advanced Reporting.

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